Are You A Shopaholic Who Maxes Out On A Credit Card?

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If you’re a shopaholic, credit card might be one of your best friend. They don’t complain, argue or question your judgement. They won’t hesitate, deny or disagree with your choices either. Simply take it out, sweep it in the machine and voila.. that Louis Vuitton handbag is yours. The world probably looks so much peaceful, doesn’t it? Whether you’re shopping for $10 or $100, a sweep of your “magic card” does the trick everytime. And as Rebecca Bloomwood (Confessions of a Shopaholic) says-

“When I shop, the world gets better, and the world is better, but then it’s not, and I need to do it again.”

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But on the gloomy side, these enchanted cards bring more than some unexpected troubles. Let’s say you have maxed out on your card. Perhaps you haven’t cleared your credit card bills yet? Or worse, you’re left with no penny to pay them back like Miss. Bloomwood. Here’s a little example for you-

Imagine a grumpy debt collector calling you every hour reminding you to clear your bills. Imagine witnessing a tremendous sale in your city while you’re (literally) bankrupt. Or imagine living in a really tight budget because somehow unknowingly you got hypnotised by all the cheap sales, thrift stores, mannequins, eye-popping shops, labels, glitter, glamour and everything that comes with a fashionable lifestyle. You have astoundingly spent a shameful amount of money on your unforgettable dream to enjoy a stylish life.

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Horrifies to relate? Maybe you’re not the only one who wants a closet-to-die-for. Maybe you’re not the only shopaholic in town dealing with life, money and your shopping skills. And maybe, you’re not the only person struggling with credit cards. Perhaps they are more troublesome than you had imagined. Perhaps credit cards are not always magical. I read an amazing quote the other day which exactly fits in this situation-

“Good things can be bad if you look at the dark side. Bad things can be good if you look at the bright side.”

shopaholic, shopping, brands,

There is nothing abnormal if you love shopping. Hell, my mom is a chronic shopaholic. But if you carry credit cards everywhere, then probably it is time to look into Plan B. Even our shopaholic guru Rebecca Bloomwood says-

“Your store card is like a 50 percent-off cashmere coat. The first time you meet, it promises to be your best friend. Until you look closely and realize it’s not real cashmere. Then, as winter comes, you discover that your coat isn’t actually a friend at all. You should have read the fine print. Should look more closely what you’re getting into.”

**UPDATE: This post has been featured on IFB Links à la Mode: June 20, 2013. You can read it here.

Do you struggle with credit cards?

27 thoughts on “Are You A Shopaholic Who Maxes Out On A Credit Card?

  1. Interesting article. I actually don’t buy anything on credit, unless its a one time thing and I don’t have the cash flow on my normal debit card. I save up and I try to get special things and treat myself once in a while. It’s good to have a budget but its also nice to fall in love with some cute dresses right? :)

  2. I currently experiencing that! oh! relate so much! and I learned my lesson… Lifestyle check for me. I just hope to resist all the temptations of little good things in life that actually cost a lot when summed up together. Yay!

  3. Was a shopaholic years and years ago, oh my. Bags and shoes topped the list and then makeup. It was ridiculous. And yep, credit cards and I were cool back then until it was getting hard to keep up with payments hahah. Not anymore though, I think things have defo improve shopping and budget wise. :) Well-written Sammy! But you know that already :P

  4. I’m kinda a shopaholic but thanks God I don’t have a credit card. LOL! Anyway, I believe I’m a smart shopper, I always make sure I don’t buy anything I don’t need and don’t have money for :)

  5. Thank goodness I haven’t had to deal with this! lol. I just recently got approved for a credit card via Helzberg Diamonds and I wil be sure to use that wisely. You made some awesome points in this. Be careful with those cards and their interest rates shopaholics!


  6. I don’t have a credit card and I really don’t think I’ll apply for one in the near future. Hehe :) I’m such an impulsive buyer and that credit card will only make it worse. HAHA

  7. I don’t have a credit card, only a normal giro card, like prepaid, so I can only spend what I really have! I would spend way too much with a normal credit card… xD

    <3 GIG

  8. Such a cute post – You definitely had me laughing & nodding. I have credit cards but I try to keep them for big purchases that’ll get me airline miles so I only shop if I can afford it. :)

  9. I keep my credit card with me just for emergencies.. It is almost always debit card or cash for me.. Somehow I’m very afraid of maxing out my credit card!!!!
    <3 #GIG

  10. oh love this post hun, I think I can say I am a shopaholic :/ but the good thing (if I can called it like that) is that I don’t do it on credit cards…heheheh, I still think I should cut a little bit in what I buy, hence some spending bans! heheheh l…I have all the books by Sophie Kinsella, they are so funny and entertaining…
    great great post honey!
    big hugs <3

  11. I don’t use credit cards. I have them, but they are more like debit cards because I just pay it off immediately to help my credit score. Things can go so wrong with credit cards!

  12. I don’t actually even have a credit card!! It definitely helps keep me away from temptations. I usually sell some of my least loved nail polish and cosmetics to feed my need for new items :D

  13. I use credit card mostly to buy things from overseas and buy it only when it had a great deal. I plant in my head that credit card is real money too so won’t buy if there’s no budget for it. But sometimes maybe lost control a lil bit lol

    fol ur blog via bloglovin :)

  14. that is the very reason i do not have a credit card, its siren song would be way too good to resist! as it is i send myself broke buying those shoes that i really just had to have :D
    Awesome post BTW !

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